The history of Printer's Alley can not go on without mentioning the Rainbow Room owned and operated by one of the true stars in Printer's Alley, David "Skull" Schullman.

Skull was so beloved by his fellow Nashvillians that the Nashville City council unanimously adopted a resolution declaring him as "The Mayor Printer's Alley."

Originally, the club was an exotic dance club. What set Skull's club apart from it's neighbor, "The Black Poodle," was that he had a live band performing the music for the dancers. It was the only club in Nashville to do that.

In the 1990's, Skull converted the club to a county bar. He was friends with Buck Owens and Roy Clark and appeared many times in the "Corn Field" portion of the famous "Hee Haw" television series.

While working alone in his club late one night as he often did, he was attacked by two assailants and brutally murdered. His killers were later caught but the club never reopened. New code's requirements make it doubtful that it ever will.

Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar rented the space for storage for awhile but eventually gave it up because none of their employees wanted to go in there... especially after dark. They all swore that they saw a shape like Skull walking around in his club and from time to time would hear his voice calling out to them.